Accounting and Financial Services

Including but not limited to;

  • Establish and maintain the trust account for the Owners Corporation.

  • Issue levy notices to owners (levy payments can be made via Bpay, telephone or at any Australia Post Office).

  • Provide quarterly accounts paid summary.

  • Provide statutory reconciled accounts including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure and levy status report.

  • Preparation of administrative fund and Capital Works fund budgets.

  • Manage administrative and Capital Works funds.

  • Preparation of annual tax return & business activity statements.

  • Preparation of Section 184 Certificates.

  • Maintain strata roll and minute books.

  • Maintain correspondence files.

  • Record and retain notices in accordance with the Act.

  • Issue notices and minutes of delegated performance.

  • Interpretation of the Act and individually registered Strata Plans.

  • Organising repairs and maintenance and arranging quotations (as required and requested).

  • Preparation and submission of Annual and Quarterly reports and certifications including but not limited to Fire Compliance, Work Health and Safely reports, 10 Year Capital Works Fund Plans etc.

  • Safe storage of individual Strata Scheme books and records, including but not limited to minute books, registered strata plans, registered sewer diagrams, certificates of titles, strata roll details and common seals. (if provided upon takeover).

  • Attending to written and oral communication or by-law dispute correspondence.

  • Preparation, submission and representation at Court representation and or building defects claims.

  • Liaising with Individual Strata Scheme engaged solicitors on behalf of the Owners Corporation for building defect claims.

  • 24 hours 7 days a week after hours emergency line for all emergency situations.

  • Electronic archiving of Owners Corporation books and records.

  • Preparation and distribution of informal minutes and documentation in relation to the specifications, arrangement, supervision, site inspections, liaising with developers and/ or solicitors or management of repairs such as major renovations, major refurbishments, defect rectification or the review of essential services such as fire safety and/or plant lifts.

  • Preparation of any application to the Registrar and attendance on any mediation, adjudication or before any tribunal or court.

  • Trades Compliance Monitoring.

Secretarial Services

Including but not limited to;

Insurance Service

  • Preparation and lodgement of insurance claims (as required).

  • Organisation of insurance valuations (as requested).

  • Organisation of building insurance renewal quotations. (as requested)

  • Renewal of building insurance premiums.

Meeting Services

Including but not limited to;

  • Preparation and distribution of Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting and Strata Committee Meeting Notices.

  • Attending & chairing Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Strata Committee Meetings held within or outside office hours, in our office or onsite, Monday to Thursday and SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

  • Preparation and distribution of Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Strata Committee Meeting Minutes.

  • Arrangement of venue for meetings held outside agent’s premises. (excludes meetings held onsite).


Think Strata has access to competent, fully insured and licensed tradesman in all areas of the building industry all throughout New South Wales, allowing our company to act promptly in actioning work orders, quote requests and emergency situations.


At Think Strata we understand that overtime individual Owners Corporations build professional relationships with different tradesman, should your scheme prefer to utilise the services of your preferred tradesman we are more than happy to accommodate as instructed, providing your preferred trade has the correct license and insurance details.


At Think Strata we choose not to lock our clients down with lengthy contracts. Our clients continue working with our company because they choose to stay. We owe this to our exceptional customer service and competitive fees and charges.


After listening to our clients we feel that providing contract term flexibility is the key to maintaining a strong business relationship. It is for this reason we are proud to offer our clients with one, two or three year agreements. 


Should at any point an Owners Corporation not be happy with our services, we will take necessary action to restore client satisfaction.

Loyalty Service

At Think Strata we provide our new and existing clients with a loyalty service where by clients that remain with our company for 3 consecutive years are entitled to 3 months free management (Base Fee only). This loyalty service continues for as long as the said clients remain with Think Strata.


Please note this loyalty service applies to clients remaining with our company after 36 months and whom do not terminate our services within a 6 month period after the 36th month anniversary.


Should clients terminate our services within the 6 month period after the 36th month anniversary, the 3 months free management fee will be charged to the said clients at their current Base Fee rate plus GST.


Aside from the above loyalty service, at Think Strata we also provide up to 2 months free management (Base Fee only) for any client referrals whom sign with our company for 24 months or longer.


Please note this loyalty service applies if new clients remain with our company for the initial 6 month period of the full duration of their agreement and do not terminate during that time. Said 2 months free management period (Base Fee only) claimable after referred clients initial 6 month period expires.


Site Inspections

At Think Strata we ensure our strata managers complete regular site inspections to familiarise themselves with your scheme and to report on visual concerns.


While on site our managers will sometimes complete site inspection reports that are provided to the Strata Committee for their records and consideration.


Please note that any reports prepared by Think Strata are prepared in the capacity as Strata Managing Agents only.


Information appearing on inspection reports is of a general nature only and does not constitute as expert advice.


Independent advice should always be obtained for any notable item where uncertainty is present. Items and recommendations as listed within any report prepared by Think Strata is in no way to be considered complete or comprehensive. Furthermore the order of which the items and or recommendations appear in any one report is not an indication of their importance.

At Think Strata we have listed just some of the many services our company can provide. Provisions under our Management Agency Agreement allow our company to provide the Owners Corporation additional services that have not been included on our website, for more details, please feel free to give us a call.



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